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It is 4:27 p.m. Monday 28 Sep

"Thanks for a great trip"

- Phil Estes

Thanks again for a marvelous three weeks in New Zealand. Nancy, Sue, Mike and I really enjoyed ourselves immensely; even more than we had hoped. You did an excellent job of putting the trip together and making sure everything came off as planned. I hope you, too, had some fun, and I hope the drive from ChCh to Auckland was not too long. Our flight home was painless. We had a little time to stop and see Darren when we were in Auckland. We very much appreciate his help as well in putting together our trip, and we especially enjoyed meeting his parents. As a small thank you for a job very well done, the four of us wanted to give you a few items which will hopefully be useful and will remind you of the good as time we had on the tour. First, we dropped off a coffee grinder (I think it was the last one in Auckland! before we went to the airport. You will recall that one of my businesses is a gourmet coffee roaster, and to go with the coffee grinder I am having our company ship you a small selection of our products and a French press to use at the office. Being quite the coffee connoiseur, you should enjoy these.

In addition, we had mailed to you a gift from one of the places we stayed on the tour, and it should arrive in the next few days. Please let me know if it does not. Thanks again for an excellent vacation and please stay in touch.

Phil Estes

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We have been providing overseas tourists with the motorcycle vacation of a lifetime for over 15 years. Our fleet of motorcycles includes the latest model BMWs, Suzukis, Hondas and Yamaha's. Tour New Zealand in style!

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We acknowledge Jamileh Pott of California for taking some of the photos used on this site from her recent trip to NZ in Feb 2011.