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"Robert Paulger's second trip to New Zealand"

- Bob

Thank you!

Hi Darren, Thank you for your note. Yes, we did have a good time and the bike ran great. I was sorry not to be able to say goodbye to you too and I appreciate your note.

I also meant to mention one other little thing on the bike: The vinyl seat cover on the passenger seat needs a staple because the vinyl is peaking out at the back side. I tried to fix it - I removed the back plastic plate and rescrewed it down but it doesn't compress the vinyl enough to hold it. If you fix it now, you can probably save a bigger repair later. I'll let you know our plans for next year when they get firmed up. I anticipate we'll return to New Zealand about mid February to early March. Take care. I hope your business continues to prosper - you are great suppliers: product wise and service wise and friendliness.


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We have been providing overseas tourists with the motorcycle vacation of a lifetime for over 15 years. Our fleet of motorcycles includes the latest model BMWs, Suzukis, Hondas and Yamaha's. Tour New Zealand in style!

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We acknowledge Jamileh Pott of California for taking some of the photos used on this site from her recent trip to NZ in Feb 2011.