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All motorcycle rentals and tours include full comprehensive insurance cover.


INSURANCE OPTION 1: Standard Excess. The hirer is automatically covered, as part of the daily hire charge, with a comprehensive insurance cover. The hirer accepts the insurance cover, details of which are set out in clause 7 of the rental agreement, and the hirer acknowledges that he/she is aware of all the exclusions detailed in clause 7of the agreement. The hirer further acknowledges that he/she is liable in respect of the relative excess amount for damage or loss referred to in the Insurance cover specified in clause 10 of this agreement.

A standard excess in the event of any damage to either the motorcycle, any accessories or third party property on motorcycles as follows;

Motorcycles up to 250cc NZD1,500-00

From 250cc to 750cc NZD2,500-00

Above 750cc NZD3,000-00             

A security bond equal to the excess is taken by way of credit card authorisation and/or imprint on the day you hire the motorcycle for hires in excess of (7) seven days. For hires under (7) days a hold only is placed on your credit card. 

The security bond is released at the end of the hire period providing the motorcycle and accessories are returned undamaged, intact and there has been no damage or loss to any third party. The security bond is also held to cover minor items such as, bike locks, keys & any top-up fuel where the motorcycle is returned with less than a full tank. The owner will release the amount of the bond less any deductions for damage and or additional costs.

There are no currency fluctuations on the credit card hold.

If the motorcycle, accessories or any third party has suffered damage or loss the owner will make an assessment of the monetary value of such damage or loss and, under advice to the hirer, and will charge this value to your nominated credit card. 

Therefore the hirer’s maximum liability is capped at the excess amount relative to the cubic capacity of the motorcycle hired.

There are two further options for reducing the standard excess and security bond for hires over 7 days.

INSURANCE OPTION 2: Reduces the relative excess & security bond by NZD500-00 for an addiional NZD25.00 per day. - Available for hires over 7 days duration.

For an extra daily charge of NZD25.00 the excess and bond can be reduced by NZD500-00

INSURANCE OPTION 3: Reduces the relative excess & security bond by NZD1,000.00 for NZD35.00 per day. - Available for hires over 7 days duration

For an extra daily charge of $35.00 the excess and bond can be reduced by NZD1,000-00  


Medical Insurance: Under New Zealand law you cannot be sued for personal injury or death. ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) prevents claims for bodily injury or death by accident. However, we have public liability cover for NZ$1,000,000 for damage to personal property and injury as a result of an accident on our motorcycles. For any motor vehicle accident in New Zealand our customers are covered by ACC (Accident Compensation Commission), for medical treatment as a result of that vehicle accident. If however you want the peace of mind of having private care then you will need to arrange your own travel and personal insurance.


Responsibility: New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals does not assume responsibility for bodily injury, nor for any damage or loss to personal effects. New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals reserves the right to change or alter the itinerary or accommodation at any time for the convenient operation of the tour. New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour description, supplying a motorcycle in excellent mechanical condition, with current registration and certificate of fitness as required by the New Zealand Government and Land Transport Safety Authority for rental vehicles. New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals will not be responsible or liable speeding and/or parking tickets, weather, acts of god or any other circumstances beyond it's control, nor shall New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals be responsible or liable for delay, loss, damage or injury to person or property and illness incurred during their stay in connection with or relating to the supply or omission of air, sea, land transportation services or of accommodation, meals, facilities, entertainment or other services provided by New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals.

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