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Honda NC700X ABS 2013 (2013)

Our fleet of motorcycles includes the latest model BMWs, Suzukis, Hondas and Yamaha's. Our fleet is modern, professionally maintained and in premium condition. In fact, because they are so good we supply motorcycles to several international motorcycle tour operators for their New Zealand tours!


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Honda NC700X ABS 2013 (2013)

Bike Gear

For your comfort we recommend bringing you own riding gear with you, however if you want to travel light, we have a wide range of quality riding gear, accessories and luggage available at very reasonable rates.

Honda feels it is ready to shake up the industry yet again with another innovative release. Starting with a blank piece of paper, Honda set out to design a fun but practical motorcycle that may once again set the standard of motorcycling for the future. The NC700 (NC stands for New Concept) is designed as an all-round motorcycle, not only ideal for commuting, but also competent for a weekend, or longer, ride on twisty country roads at any pace, aggressive or easy. Through broad market research across Europe, the engineers at Honda realized that 90% of motorcycle usage was below 140 km/h and 80% of riders spent most of their time under 6000 rpm. So why not design a bike with that in mind? With plenty of high-performance motorcycles in Honda’s roster, the NC700 is a bike designed for real life, everyday riding in a world market. That means it has to be user friendly to an extremely varied group of riders. The tank is situated under the rear seat leaving a storage area under the traditional tank space capable of holding a full face helmet. No need for a tank bag. Equipped with Givi lockable luggage, both side panniers and top box, together with a slightly higher aftermarket screen, the Honda NC700 is an idela addition to our fleet here at NZBIKE. This bike will easily cover 300km plus between fills and is very economical at 3.6l per 100km. At the heart of the machine is an all-new purpose-built engine. The liquid-cooled, in-line 2-cylinder 670cc engine is a lightweight and compact unit with a low centre of gravity. It offers a usable power delivery with excellent torque at low to medium engine rpm, combined with low emissions and a truly outstanding level of fuel efficiency. The NC700X fuses striking, futuristic design, a pure riding experience and low running costs.

Final DriveChain
Fuel Consumption (WMTC mode of 35kW machine)MT 27.7 km/l (78.2mpg)
Fuel Tank Capacity14.1 litres
Kerb Weight215kg
Seat Height830mm
Transmission Type6-speed
TypeLiquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cylinder

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