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Road Rules

Which Side of the road do I drive on?
Keep Left. Drive on the left side of the road. Exceptions - One way streets.

Parking and Pulling Over?
Keep Left. REMEMBER to remain on the left hand side when returning to the road after parking or pulling over to a stop. Always park on the left hand side of the road with the exception of one way streets.

One Lane Bridges
Traffic from the direction of the RED Arrow Gives Way, however if you are travelling from the direction of the black arrow you should Proceed with Caution.

General Intersection Rules

There are give way rules that apply at intersections and driveways.

  • If you are turning, give way to all traffic that is not turning.

Intersection with turning traffic Intersection with turning traffic

This includes giving way to cyclists using cycle and bus lanes, and vehicles using bus lanes.

Intersection with cycle lane

It also applies when both vehicles are facing the same control, such as Stop signs, Give Way signs and green traffic signals.

Intersection with Stop signs Intersection with give way signs

Both vehicles facing green traffic lights Vehicle crossing the centre line gives way

If you are leaving the path of a marked centre line at an uncontrolled intersection, you must give way to vehicles following the centre line. This is because vehicles leaving the path of the centre line are legally turning (even though sometimes they might actually be going in a straight line) and the give way rules apply.

  • If you are turning right and the opposing vehicle is turning left, you must give way.

Both vehicles facing a Stop sign Both vehicles facing a give way sign

Both vehicles facing a green traffic light Turning at an uncontrolled intersection

Turning at an uncontrolled intersection

  • If the road you are on terminates (bottom of the T), give way to traffic on the continuing road (top of the T). This also applies at driveways.

Turning at an uncontrolled T-intersection Turning at an uncontrolled T-intersection

You must give way to all traffic on the road and any road user on a footpath, cycle path or shared path.

Turning at an uncontrolled T-intersection Turning at an uncontrolled T-intersection

  • In all other situations give way to your right. An example would be at a crossroads controlled by traffic signals when signals have failed and all approaches have a flashing yellow light.

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